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Draft Horse Classic 2012

Yesterday we visited the horses. Not just any horses. The impressive draft horses. Our community hosts this event every year. Horse-lovers come from all over the country to visit and show their horses in daily shows that feature riding and driving (carrages, not cars). The horses are the stars of these shows. And they are treated like stars, getting the spa treatment. How do you bathe a draft horse? Attach soap to a hose! The horse was so patient.

You can see, a little, how huge theses horses stand. They are the monster-trucks of the horse world. Their hooves are the size of frying pans. They are solid muscle and it feels like the air shifts as they walk past to make room for them. They are majestic.

Their feet have long 'feathered' fur that moves as they walk. Somehow, despite their bulk, they are graceful. A dancer. Perhaps their feathers are part of the secret.Anika went from amazed-moment to amazed-moment. She loves horses. Seeing these big beauties in action captured her imagination. Again. I really must call that horse camp. Soon.

We recently refurbished an old camera (bought a new battery) so Anika could dive into the fun of photography. She captured lots of horses.

We brought her friend along for the day. Because adventures are always better with friends.

Ian wanted very little to do with the horses. He was fine, from a distance. When we got in the car and asked about favorites, he had a favorite. Then we talked about washing hands because we had pet many horses.

"Not me," he said. "I didn't touch one horse."

Looking at his hands in this photo, I believe him. Best to keep some distance :)

This was a working-show, where the animals go into the ring in teams with carriages, carts, and wagons to show off their fitness and training. As such, we got to see a lot of what it means to care for horses. Along with personalities. This one wasn't so keen on the bath. He kept nudging and turning away from his handler. Turned out he wanted to drink from the spray. Playing with water is fun!

Anika borrowed my crushed summer hat for the day. I love this girl :

She pet lots of horses. She and Etalia were calm and sweet with any horse willing to say hello.

Anika was brave and even got to sit on a horse. Years ago, she met this horse at the same event- look how cute! She was excited to be reunited with Presley!

Etalia and Ian said no thanks to climbing up on that wide, high back.

A wonderful day. One secret to all of these photos is that they were taken (with the exception of Anika on Presley) from my wheelchair.  I was good and stayed sitting for most of the day. We didn't stay long, either. Which is hard for me, to feel like I hold my family back from more fun, but fine too. We got to experience the event. And after spending weeks unable to leave the house at all, a compromise feels like a triumph.

And it was interesting, to see the horses from a new perspective, to look up at them and have them lean down to give me a nuzzle. Quite a treat.

We already look forward to next year.

Photos from past years are here and here and (when she was young) here.


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