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More Draft Horses

Today we visited the horses.  The horses are in stables and barns.  I've gone for years, now, and I've never seen this many horses.  Black and brown, painted and gray, dappled and white.  Giant draft horses and playful miniature horses.  All beautiful horses.

Giant, 200+ pound pumpkin!  The kids were amazed!

They have a hall for artists featuring horse themes.  There were many signs asking not to take photos, otherwise I would have more to share.  Incredible artists.  This scupltor was very sweet and let the kids touch her bronze baby horse.  They would love to take the statue home :)

Anika moved so quick, I hardly got photos of her today.  She was off to visit one horse and another and another.  My niece, Mila, moved at my pace :)

The baby draft horse.  Even the babies are giants:)

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