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I entered paintings by my students and Anika's class in the local Harvest Faire and Draft Horse Classic.  Entering gave us free tickets to the show tonight.  So after teaching-day (which was busy, of course), I met up with my Mom and we took the kids to see the horses.  That brings a smile to Anika's face every time.

Ian was happy that we found a bubble machine.  Attack of the bubbles!

The Draft Horses are majestic and beautiful.  They are enormous.  We're taking the kids tomorrow to see the stables, so I'll hopefully get a photo with one of them to show the scale.  They are giants.  Yet so graceful.

The first competition that we saw (we only stayed for two before Ian was done) involved these elaborate harnesses.

I have more photos, but my hand started complaining and I am tired tired tired.  Teaching is enough for one day.  But the kids loved the show.  That makes the effort worthwhile :)

More Draft Horses

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