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Cowgirl for a Day

This post is actually from this past summer.  I found it in my Drafts folder :)
Yesterday we went to the Mother Lode Horse Show at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.  I called the Rock-N-Horse Ranch last week about a riding experience for Anika and we're figuring out the details for a horse camp for her and two friends.  "Come on by the show," one of the owners said.  "Meet the horses."  Her name was Trish and she is one of the nicest people in the world, really.  She led a huge Belgian Draft horse out of his stall.  "This is Presley," she said.  "Would you like to brush him?"

So Anika brushed Presley.  She got to sit on Presley's wide back.  The horse was so big, if it had backed up a few steps, Anika would have clonked her head on the barn roof.  Anika smiled with this awe-amazement-wonderful-delight.  She wasn't scared at all.

Every horse in her world is now named Presley.  She had a fantastic experience.  Thank you Trish!

Happy New Year