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Wild Things at the Nevada City School of the Arts

A treat today as the Wild Things animal rescue group visited the Nevada City School of the Arts.  We saw incredible rescued animals.  Many of them were injured by people, which as sad.  I took a few pictures and videos with my phone.

Earlier that morning I read The Umbrella by Jan Brett, which featured a kinkajou as a character.

Hmm, I said to the kids, I've never heard of that animal before.

So imagine my surprise when our host walked out with a kinkajou clinging to his arm!  He asked the audience what animal it was and the kids answered, lemur, monkey.  Only my class knew it was a kinkajou.  Wow.  Just as cute in person as it seems in the book. 

A very fun day.  We also saw a desert tortoise and king snake.  A wonderful organization that made a big impression on the kids.  Thanks!

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