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Along for the Ride

As a Mom, sometimes I feel like my kiddos are along for the ride.  Today I had extra meetings, laundry and cleaning.  I spent . . . maybe twenty real minutes playing with Ian.  The rest was a juggling act of distractions and enticing toys.  He napped on my shoulder through a meeting.  I carried him around the school.  He is such a good kid.  I have to be careful, we all have to be careful to let the kiddos matter in the day.  It can be so easy to get overwhelmed and distracted and we blink and they are grown. Tomorrow, pictures.  Because taking pictures slows me down and I sit with them and play with them and take pictures in between.  I will ignore the laundry.  My kids matter most.  We're on this ride together.

Wild Things at the Nevada City School of the Arts

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