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41.5° A better day today. Last night Ian slept until 4:30am, then crashed out again until the alarm bleeped at 6:30.  Sleep made a huge difference.  An interesting day with wild animals, homework club with the girls, and Olympics to watch at home.  Kept me going.  I did have a few walls to crash through but I made it.

I took pictures in the evening.  I played with Ian.  Sat down for dinner with Anika.  Slowed down a little.  Grateful for feeling good.  Goodish :)

It was cold at school though and I could not warm up for most of the day.  Heavy clouds and drippy rain outside.  I appreciate my electric blanket.  Of to post photos from the day so I can rest.  Need my rest. Tomorrow is another adventure.

Scene at Home

Wild Things at the Nevada City School of the Arts