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Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas


Our town knows how to host a party. Summer parties, fairs and festivals, we bring the goodies and smiles. I love them all. Yet, this is the time of year that I wrote about in my teens. These are my favorite town celebrations. Christmas. With the white lights and the old buildings and the jangle of silver bells. Seriously. Good. wpid9746-VictorianXmasDec42013-18.jpg wpid9823-VictorianXmasdec42013Lenkaland-12.jpg wpid9821-VictorianXmasdec42013Lenkaland-11.jpg

This Victorian Christmas was bitterly cold, right before the epic snowstorm. So we warmed up with hot chocolate.

I learned that Ian loves candles. He loves to smell them all. Every single one.

wpid9712-VictorianXmasDec42013.jpgWe warmed up in stores. Nevada City has the best stores.

Earth (Ian also loves rocks)

wpid9718-VictorianXmasDec42013-4.jpg wpid9716-VictorianXmasDec42013-3.jpg wpid9714-VictorianXmasDec42013-2.jpg

JJ Jacksons


The Gray Goose

wpid9732-VictorianXmasDec42013-11.jpgAnd, my very favorite, Tanglewood Forest

wpid9815-VictorianXmasdec42013Lenkaland-7.jpgwpid9728-VictorianXmasDec42013-9.jpg wpid9726-VictorianXmasDec42013-8.jpg wpid9722-VictorianXmasDec42013-6.jpgMagic!

Wandering was great too. We met the Christmas Tree Lady!

wpid9730-VictorianXmasDec42013-10.jpgAnd found a Santa that Ian was willing to stand beside. Santa makes Ian very nervous...

wpid9734-VictorianXmasDec42013-12.jpgThis photo is a keeper :)

And I wish I could bring you the scents. Of this fire with real chestnuts roasting. And the air all crisp and cold except right close to this fire where strangers stand close and munch on hot chestnuts.


Then, An Honest Pie!

wpid9832-VictorianXmasdec42013Lenkaland-19.jpgIf you could come, you must have a peach pie with us. All hot and flaking, the perfect balance of sugar and spice and everything nice. All warm and cozy in the brittle-cold night. And we share bites. We declare this is the 'best pie ever." Because it is. And it's gone too soon :)


We head back towards the car. Pause for carolers.


Admire the church at the top of the hill.


And one of my favorite buildings in town- the Two Room Inn, which is just this enchanting in real life.


Even the dogs in our town like to party :)

wpid9750-VictorianXmasDec42013-20.jpgVictorian Christmas is a yearly treat. And there are more to enjoy this year. Visit the Nevada County Chamber of Commerce for more information.

They aren't all this cold, I promise.

But they are a good time. I also promise. :) Happy celebrating!

Oh, and about that writing... My first collection of short stories happened in this town during Victorian Christmas. Legends of Home featured local teens who had amazing encounters with fantastical creatures who also call this town home. And on a night like these, it's easy to believe that magic finds this place. That amazing stories happen on these streets.

Still available on Amazon (or from me) :)

Magical times :)

Season of the Nutcracker

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