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Season of the Nutcracker

Season of the Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is coming to town! wpid9846-NutcrackerLenkaland-2.jpg

This year Anika is a soldier and a Faery. She plays two parts, which is very exciting.

wpid9844-NutcrackerLenkaland.jpgShe is on her fourth year in the show. She went from Mouse to Peppermint to Soldier and Faery. And each year I watch the show get bigger, grander, and better!


I seriously want ruffled bloomers. And layered skirts. And a cloak :)

wpid9850-NutcrackerLenkaland-4.jpg wpid9852-NutcrackerLenkaland-5.jpg wpid9854-NutcrackerLenkaland-6.jpg wpid9856-NutcrackerLenkaland-7.jpg wpid9858-NutcrackerLenkaland-8.jpg wpid9860-NutcrackerLenkaland-9.jpg

Enjoy a photo-journey through the first act of the show. They are out of order, but that's okay. It's a day for accepting a new path :)

wpid9862-NutcrackerLenkaland-10.jpgwpid9929-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-31.jpg wpid9927-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-30.jpg wpid9925-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-29.jpg wpid9923-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-28.jpg wpid9921-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-27.jpg wpid9919-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-26.jpg wpid9917-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-25.jpg wpid9915-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-24.jpg wpid9913-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-23.jpg wpid9911-NutcrackerLenkaland2013-22.jpg wpid9884-NutcrackerLenkaland-21.jpg wpid9882-NutcrackerLenkaland-20.jpg wpid9880-NutcrackerLenkaland-19.jpg wpid9878-NutcrackerLenkaland-18.jpg wpid9876-NutcrackerLenkaland-17.jpg wpid9874-NutcrackerLenkaland-16.jpg wpid9872-NutcrackerLenkaland-15.jpg wpid9870-NutcrackerLenkaland-14.jpg wpid9868-NutcrackerLenkaland-13.jpg wpid9866-NutcrackerLenkaland-12.jpg wpid9864-NutcrackerLenkaland-11.jpg

And we left early! I didn't take photos of the journey to the Land of Sweets. Perhaps during the show (although I like to sit and watch the evening show- this was the dress rehearsal). All photos are available on photo-sharing site. More will be added as I get them edited!

Today I have another craft show and two school performances! I hope to see you at the Nutcracker this weekend!

Wishing you a lovely dance today :)

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