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Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Here was a delightful surprise. The weather predicted snow and snow arrived right on schedule! wpid9766-SnowDec72013-6.jpg

We do see snow in our town, but usually later in the season. So this was a treat.

And it was super-cold, so the snow was powdery and dry. Not the best for making a snow-person, but perfect for throwing in the air :)

Ordinary activities become magical in snow. Like going down a slide. Anika insisted that Ian throw snow on her on the way down :)


wpid9769-SnowDec72013-8.jpgAnd they made snow angels

wpid9779-SnowDec72013-13.jpg wpid9781-SnowDec72013-14.jpg wpid9783-SnowDec72013-15.jpg

What a wonderful morning, snow in the backyard, pajamas under snow-pants, and hot cocoa waiting inside...

wpid9777-SnowDec72013-12.jpg My snow monster :)


Looks like it's going to be an awesome December!

Wishing you magic :)

Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas

Angels to Give Away!

Angels to Give Away!