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So I figured I should look up carpal tunnel just because I was curious, and, ack!

That red spot is exactly where it hurts on my hand.

Yikes, yikes, yikes!  Serious rest now.  Blech.

My hand therapist said years ago that I am more suseptable to hand injuries because the muscles are weaker, so the joints aren't given rigid support (double-jointed or hyperextending), so the joints can slip and nerves can pinch easier than they should.  I've had chronic flare-up numbness on my left hand with the ulnar nerve for years now.

Cannot let this settle in for a long-term stay.  No way.

I did call my neurologist for a new brace for my left wrist today (the old one cracked).  Maybe I'll need to see that hand therapist about my right hand now, too.


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