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I woke up thinking, I need to tone down the whole hand-story.  It sounds so huge and dramatic.  Sad and important. Instead of toning it down, though, I want to clarify.  It may sound sad and dramatic, but it's my normal.  See, it doesn't phase me to talk about braces or injuries.  From the outside, it may be a big deal, but, to me, this is normal.

When I was young, I used to think this CMT-life will get terrible.  I might need a wheelchair in Disneyland.  My hands might be affected.  I might not be able to work. I might need help.  And that will be terrible.

And then those things happen and they aren't fun, but aren't that terrible either.

I say that we learn.  We learn that we are stronger than we ever knew.  And those terrible things weave into the tapestry of one day into another until they are normal for us.

So no pity-party here.  I'm sharing all of these little moments precisely because I feel that they get lost in my constant "I'm fine" reassurances.  My goal is to show that CMT imapcts a lot more than feet and hand strength.  CMT changes everything.

Calling a neurologist for a new brace sound like cause for alarm, but it's my everyday life.

My normal.

I didn't get to choose this path.  But I choose how I walk (or limp or roll) along it.  :)

PS- I slept with the brace on and my hand feels a little better this morning.  I am optimistic it's a short-term wake up call.  Back away from the computer :)

Day 14

Uh Oh