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I could write a long list of 'did not manage' today.  Like the podcast.  Like getting the size 2 clothes out of Ian's drawer to give to his cousin this weekend.  Like cleaning the kitchen table.  Or taking photos at the park . . . See how easy that gets?

So I won't go there.  Instead, I'll say what we did together.  I took Ian to the park.  And the shade was lovely, with a gentle cool breeze.  I cut the clothes for my secret fancy fairies (a gift).  Forgot the thread, which was probably good.  My hand is mad mad mad at me today (more later).  His best friend came to the park and they ran off to play.  I'm good friends with his mom, so she and I followed the shade as the sun moved across the sky.  We left the park in time to grab a snack and get out to school for a staff meeting. Talked to my co-teacher awhile.  Came home.  Made dinner.  Played spelling game tiles with Anika (she needs tactile learning).  Played Batman Lego on the Xbox with Ian.  Then homework, bath, stories.

A good day.

All wonderful. And when energy comes in small packages, it's important to spend it wisely :)

So, tomorrow is set aside for the podcast.  I have a topic and rough outline.  I like the title: The Hidden Manual: Stuff No One Told Me.  When looking online, I appreciate all of the clinical breakdown of symptoms on the internet for any disability.  However, I find big pieces of the puzzle get left out.  And I sit in the doctors office saying, Really?  How come no one told me?  

It's completely un-scientific, but true.  :)

Stuff like managing medications, sleep (needing a lot), forced rest, flare ups, depression, brain chemistry, impact on relationships, guilt, and more :)

Going to be a fun one :)

And I end positive, of course.  Because there are positive outcomes of this path that no one told me either. Like creativity, resilience, empathy, appreciation . . .

I'm typing crooked because I'm wearing a carpal-tunnel brace.  I don't have carpal-tunnel (I don't think), but it was given to me and I appreciate the wrist-support.  Too much mouse-clicking the past few days.  Between fairy crafts and CMT updates, I've been spending a lot more time online than usual.  Yesterday I crossed the invisible line.  A pinching pain has flared along my palm.  The back of my hand is alternately numb, then sore.  Rest.

That forced-rest which drives me crazy.  But I better not type a lot.  I did better today but the hand injury is part of the podcast-delay.  It could be all better by tomorrow.  Or it could be days.  Weeks.  Forever.  It's part of this journey with CMT.  I never know with an injury whether it is short-term or lasting.

I'm off to rest.  Thanks for the good thoughts!  I am so loving this month for connecting with others in the cyberspace community.  See, that was stuff no one told me.  No one told me that I'd get to meet you :)

Uh Oh

Day 12