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There and Back Again

The less I write, the harder it becomes to write.  The stories jumble up.

The big things.  School finished.  My camera broke (bummer).  I'm feeling much better (super-hurrah!).  Though I'm in that place where I feel like I should be back to my old self, I still get hard reminders that, no, not there yet.  Sudden crashes or insistance that I refocus on healing.

But we just returned from a week vacation in Tahoe.  Lovely days.  And I miss collecting our stories.  I miss you.

Ian found me.  Sleepy boy is a mischevious boy.  Off to play Angry Birds with him until it's time for bedtime stories.

Our family in sunny Tahoe.  *Taken with a Canon point-and-shoot.  Good job, Mom!

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