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Anika and Ian and the Pool of Insanity

I played with iMovie last night. My Kodak PlaySport (Zx3) HD Waterproof Camera takes great video, but I get issues with the sound going muffled and strange.  Water covers the microphone, I think.  I try to wipe it off, but I still get chunks of movie with unpleasant noise.  I needed a way to dub over the video.  I found these fun film trailor templates in iMovie and hoped I could put one together between settling in and playing with the kids.  Sure enough, easy peasy, just import my videos and drag sections that I like into parts of the storyboard.

I'm making one for our little hike, now.  Pretty fun!  Soon we'll all have movie studios!  :)

Podcast! We Are Back!

There and Back Again