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Recovery Story Continues

Sorry for being away from the computer this past couple of weeks.  My world has been rocked.  Last week at this time I was returning home from an ER visit that would bring me back from a place I hope I never see again.  I'm jumping around in the story, sorry, and soon I hope to write the whole thing with proper attention and detail.  For now, my energy is limited, really really limited, so I'll get down what I can. Anika just said, thinking of last week, when we went to the emergency room and you looked like you were going to pass out . . .  You look so much better now.

Thanks, Anika :)

Recovery went well for the first few days.  They monitored me closely.  Surgery was the easiest part.  He saved my spleen (hurrah), took out the damaged area, and patched me back together just fine.  So I was released Friday after steadying improving.  Then, Saturday, nausea hit hard.  I got medicine, but it didn't help.  I cut back on the pain medications, because they might be triggering the nausea, so the pain crept up the pain-scale. By Monday, I was napping with a strong wish that I would wake up feeling a little better, just a little . . .

And each time I woke up, I felt worse.  So we had the family trip to the ER where I got three bags of IV hydration.  More xrays where everything was healing just fine.  No reason for the nausea.

So better medicine and more rest and I finally see a path through this recovery.  I'm still super-sore, tired, easily wore-out, but at least I'm not laughing at action-movies.  "Ha, running with an arrow through your leg, you think you're tough.  Let me tell you about tough.  Trying to rest with a 2 year old jumping on the bed.  Ha!"

At our post-op doctor appointment, he speculated that we 'probably underestimated the neuropathy.'

"I can see now," he said, "How your body doesn't react like we would expect from someone your age.  You need more time."

So I'm taking more time.  Getting help with the 2-year-old.  Rest and rest and rest.

And, if you know me, you know that's not easy :).  Still, I don't have a choice.  I miss everyday life :)

Thank you for all of your kindness and good wishes.  You're giving me strength.  Thank you thank you!

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