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The View From Here

Phew!  I wish I could say that we made mad-cash and the whole crazy preperation had a huge payoff, but . . . We had fun.

People were browsing.  Everyone liked our goodies, but few people needed one of their own.  Oh well.  The weather wasn't too cold and Anika and I had a pleasant evening enjoying the event as a whole.  There are four more, and the good news is that I don't need to make an entire new batch of stuff for next week.  I'll add a little here and there.  I really want to make a fairy pattern.  Get the owl pattern on Etsy.

Look at me, even when I slow down, I don't slow down :)

Seriously, tomorrow is a break.  Anika has her Nutcracker show for local schools so I have a substitute in class.  Ian has childcare.  So I'm editing Peter Pan for my class to stage later this year.  Cleaning the house.  Watching Survivor.  Somehow they almost finished the season before Anika and I even realized that it was airing again.  Oops.  Thank goodness for the Xbox streaming shows.

It's especially interesting because there is a girl with a prosthetic leg.  Amazing how the stereotypes play out around her.  Her teammates expect her to be physically weak, yet they predict a big sympathy vote at the end so she's a threat and needs to be voted off.  She's already shown she's strong and quick.  We'll see if they let her stay around.  Words like charity are used about her a lot.  I wonder if she'll be able to compete without her disability defining her in the game.

Early bedtime for me.  Ian was up at 4am again, playing the baby-is-awake game.  Took him awhile to play mommy's baby-go-to-sleep game.  I am exhausted.

Feel good though.  Nice to see the view from here.  I love December.

When are we putting up the tree?

And the Fall

Forest Fairies!