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After the beautiful view comes the fall, the cost of all that hard work.  A tough day.  I had to pull myself out of a tar pit to get out of bed, and all day I felt heavy and stiff.  Even my thoughts had a brittle edge.  Not fun.  One of the reasons I started this blog because I wondered if cold affected me.  Well, I don't wonder anymore.  It's like a curtain dropped on my shoulders.  A heavy curtain that drags at my steps.  Yikes.  Then the heating bill arrived.  And my husband says that my edge of comfort, 69, is too warm, so he dropped the thermostat a couple of degrees.  I have my Cosysoles, yay, but somehow my muscles in my back tense up from the cold, then ache from the tension, and my thoughts go irritable and impatient.  I curled up under the electric blanket for a little while.  But that doesn't work very long with a 2 year old. Speaking of, he's decided that sleep is overrated so he's trying to climb on my lap right now.  I have a few Nutcracker photos to post, then off to convince him to sleep :)

Electric blanket, hurrah.

Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal

The View From Here