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Forest Fairies!

Tomorrow is the big day.  Night.  We are hosting a booth at the local street faire for Victorian Christmas.  Around here, Victorian Christmas is a big deal.  A really big deal.  My friend and I got in a little (okay, way over our heads) when we thought of this plan.  But we both have financial challenges (like many of us these days) and we thought it would be a fun way to help finance the holidays.  Phew, we're sure earning every dime. I do like my fairies, though, and it was a fun motivation to make them again.  I took the crafting in small doses so I wouldn't tweak my hand.  When I do too much handwork (more than twenty minutes), my little finger goes numb on my left hand.  For days or weeks.  Pinched ulner nerve.  Still, it's the love of the craft :)

How can I say no to them?

I adore these.  New this year and a quick favorite of mine.  Dark Angels.  Because even the fairies like darkness :)

And the whole family.

The small ones will be $10 and the big ones $20.  I know that we are struggling with competive pricing, what with the attractive sales at big stores, but the cost pays me a couple of dollars an hour after materials.  Any lower and I might as well give them away.  We'll see.  I'll let you know, of course.

Wish us luck!  And lots of happy customers.

We're also selling our Secrets of Magical Crafting with Children, kits, patterns, and my friend made her own Star Babies and Owls.  Should be a fun night.  If we can stay warm :)

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