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The Three Day Ballerina

Anika has a love affair with ballet.  She's wearing point shoes, she says, when she stands on her toes like this.  And can I get her a class?  Please, Mom, a class for ballet?  With point shoes? Today her love affair had a rude rendezvous with reality.  We went to class.  She seemed happy with her plies and her toe points and her leaps.  She seemed to be inside her dream.  Until a few minutes after class ended when she said her feet hurt from pointing so much and she wasn't any good at it and "it's hard, Mom."

We support her.  Whatever her choice will be.  Of course.

A few hours later she showed me things she learned in class.  This twirl and this leg lift and this twirl is really fun, Mom.  So perhaps there's a little romance left.  We shall see.  How many little girls fall in love, only to resist the real practicing, the skills?  I know that I did.  I loved ballet.  I went to three classes before I quit.

Perhaps she'll be happier playing her dance steps.  At the same time, she grew so much.  Her posture, her steps, and her strong legs showed improvement even in one hour.  She paid attention.  So I hope she continues.  We shall see.  She'll always be my little ballerina :)

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