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Sleeping Like a Baby, Day 6

Is it day 6?  I'm losing track.  I think tomorrow will be a week.  He fell asleep on my at 8:15, then woke up crying when I put him down in the crib.  It's hard to stay committed.  I want to pick him up and let him dream in my arms.  I really really want to do that.  But doing that is a huge commitment beyond one sleepy night.  He doesn't always fall asleep so easy.  And I am enjoying the little bit of freedom in the evening.  So I smooth back his hair and tell him he can do this, he can sleep on his own, and I love him, I believe in him, I'll check on him in a few minutes. In a few minutes he's asleep.  He is still alseep.  He learns.  Sometimes it's harder for me to learn.  Sentimental mama.

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