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The Deer Skirt

Anika's Deer Skirt

Phew, we had a fun a busy day yesterday getting her fifteen, yes fifteen entries ready for the fair.  One was this deer skirt.  I found the fabric months ago and it has been on the one day list ever since.  Nothing like a deadline for motivation :).  Anika designed this skirt herself.  We sketched ideas and she wanted this triangular layered look.  At first I couldn't see a way, let's keep straight lines, I said, but then I could see a tangram-style solution.  So that was fiddly, cuttting the fabric to reassemble it, but it turned out pretty interesting.  At first glance, the sewing is hardly noticable, but closer up you can see how we cut two big triangles than sewed them back into the whole.  Breaks up the lines a bit :).

She also chose the trim and helped sew the seams.  She's a true designer now!  Once again, kiddos not weighed down by practicality bring the crazy wonderful stuff alive!

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