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The First Week

One week of unemployment for my husband.  Life goes on.  No new job yet.  We're in for a long haul.  We live in a rural area and we always said, "we're so lucky to have jobs in this town." So when that job disappears, not a whole lot waiting in the wings . . .  But what can you do in the meantime?  Despair and adrenaline-charged panic won't change the circumstances.

This past week got me thinking a lot about disability again and what I have learned through the years.  Sort of like those posters from awhile ago, What I Learned in Kindergarten and What I Learned from my Dog. I've learned perseverance and resiliency. Empathy and compassion.  I've learned appreciation and a deep understanding of just how little control we really have over our lives.

We hope to revive the podcast soon and this topic resonates for a discussion.  More thinking :)

And in the meantime, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at school last week.  Anika said we must be Thing 1 and Thing 2.  So we were.

We made the headband by tying strips of tulle to a base headband.  I cut the circles from felt and wrote with a sharpie.  Then I sewed them with loose stitches on shirts we already owned.  A fun day celebrating with her.

Then the past few days I've been living at the end of the rainbow.  Here.  With them.

The patterns are posted in our etsy store, Forest Fairy Crafts.  My hands are not happy with me, lots of sore muscles and tingling.  I'll give them a rest one day . . .

Next week we plan to make 18 with my K/1 students.  Fun.

Speaking of, I teach school tomorrow.  Off to get ready for another day :)

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First Day of Unemployment