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First Day of Unemployment

This morning I woke and the sun was the same.  The crisp winter air was the same.  Getting Anika ready for school was the same. Yet, the world was different.

My husband is officially unemployed.  Yesterday was his last day of work.  He spent today scouring the internet for jobs.  He has too much experience for this one, not the right training for that one, and the other one pays a fraction of his former salary.  In other words, nothing.  We join the millions of American families knocking at a hundred doors and hoping that one lucky door will open.

I'm taking deep breaths.  Playing Lego Star Wars with Anika.  Carry on.  Day by day.  These moments together still matter.

Dealing with chronic health issues has helped me appreciate small things.  Taught me to scale back my expectations.  To relax about trying to control things beyond my control.

So I hope and light candles and hope some more.

Change can be a good thing.  And I hope that all this turmoil leads to good things.

Ian's melting down . . .

Life goes on :)


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