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Art Auction for the Nevada City School of the Arts

Saturday is our school's big fundraiser, a fun way to keep this education alive. A big thing we do as a school is create collaborative masterpieces that are actioned at the event.  This year, my dragonflies (kindergarten and first graders) made this:

They sponge-painted the background.  They sketched the flowers and made stamps in foam-paper.  They used rollers and paint to stamp their flower onto the canvas.  We sketched dragonflies and Asia (our art teacher- and my fairy-conspirator) cut a few random choices to attach to the paper.  The painting is about 2 and 1/2 feet wide (I have to measure it).  I wish we had some cash so I could bid.  It's beautiful.

Then my daughter's class created this:

Second grade's peaceful planet.  Anika drew the otter face on the right side and the butterfly on the center section.  The peace sign is raised above the world and the whole thing is framed under glass.  Ack, where are my millions?

Oh well, they'll both go to amazing homes.  And there's so much more!  Every class contributed gorgeous work.  Facilitated by amazing teachers.  We're lucky to have so many grown ups making this possible for our kids.  I wish all kids could discover these opportunities.  One day :)

If you live in Nevada County, you can come to the event and bid :).  Go to a Matter of Taste for all of the details.

And for my Disability Community friends, here's a fun game.  Choose the flowers, or the animals, or the dragonflies created by kids with disabilities.  Because they are there . . .

We all bring our vision, and our beauty, and, together, we are stronger than any of the parts alone. :)

Forest Fairy Crafts is donating a craft-box of goodies.  I made the fairies and my artist-friend made the owl.  We sell the kits at craft fairs.  Both of our girls are in second grade this year.  We support their learning with more crafting :)

See you at the auction :)

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