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Reflector First Photographs

Reflector First Photographs

Who needs a reflector?

Me, apparently!

This week I bought a 5-in-1 reflector because I have a wedding shoot tomorrow (exciting!). Of course I needed to play with it before the big day.

I thought reflectors were fancy. I had no idea how they could create dramatic effects.

All of these image were taken with the reflector propped against my leg using the white or gold side. The kids were mildly tolerant of my efforts.

Ian was geared up for an epic battle. He was a robber and bandit and protector all in one. I wouldn't want to meet him in the woods!

I broke my 50mm lens last week (another story) so all of these were with my 85mm. They built a new fort behind the shed. It's guarded by a horse.

Ian really wanted to photobomb Mila. It's hard to be sneaky when you have a backpack and laser gun and a tiger-flashlight.

Anika let me try the diffuser with her. Oh my goodness, I am in love :)

These were in sunlight with shade behind. She was holding the diffuser over her head.

I cannot wait to play more with my new toy :). I always wondered why photographers carried or set up that bulky white screen. Now I know. The fun begins :)

I hope you get to play and discover today :)

FYI- in case you are interested, I got theProMaster SystemPro Reflectadisc Kit 32-inch 5-in-1 Litedisc Set. It sounds complicated, but it's very simple. So far, very sturdy too :)

PS- this is an affiliate link. Should you decide to purchase, a small amount returns to Lenkaland. Your price remains the same. Win-win and thank you!!

DANK Opening Reception

DANK Opening Reception

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