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Welcome Summer

FlowersThe trees shusshh with a light breeze, the sunshine pours in through open windows, and the kids chatter aimless stories in another room. Hurrah for summer! May disappeared in a pouf of crazy-busy. We started with Anika's birthday and ended with Peter Pan (which I direct with kindergarten/first grade actors). This years production featured Ian as Tick Tock, my niece as Tinkerbell, and Anika as Queen of the Fairies (an onstage helper).

I also finished the school's Tech Plan. 70 pages!

Summer is so welcome here.

Although the chitter-chatter has become, "Ian, stop! Ian, stop!" from the other room... Hmmm. Guess I should intervene.

Okay. Crisis averted.

After the mayhem of May, I decided that I really want to scale back. Be mom. Write stories. Make fairies. Paint. Photograph. Be here. Now.

It's a tall order for me. I thrive in Mayhem. The mayhem is a distraction of the best kind. I only feel symptoms when I slow down. Of course, I make it all worse by amping up, but the escape seems worth the fallout.

Except it won't last. Like the seemingly peaceful chatter from the other room, it can change to sharp edges quickly.

I have to slow down and find the deeper escape. One that comes with calm, not frenzy. Oh, it's such a challenge for me but also so good when I can be rested and healthy.

The escape of mayhem is an illusion. Because landing after mayhem hurts. Moments rush into days which rush into months which rush and rush and rush.

Which is why I want to slow down this summer. Notice and write and share images of our lives.

Summer is good to me.

WaterDiving in :)

Reflector First Photographs

Reflector First Photographs

Pegdoll Swap at We Bloom Here

Pegdoll Swap at We Bloom Here