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DANK Opening Reception

DANK Opening Reception

Last Friday we joined talented artists in Nevada County to celebrate DANK. The opening reception featured good people, good art, and good fun!

I love challenging my kids with the question, "What is art?"

My kids have ideas about paintings and drawings. Framed portraits. Wide landscape photos. But this?

A boat with a sprinkler? Where they become a part of the installation? This inspired them.

I observed that the viewers became part of the art when they interacted with it. So my children stepped up to perform.

Art is fun :)

We found beautiful art inside, too! I enjoy how this photo caught the talented Shelia in the background and in the mirror :)

Collection by Sheila Cameron. Can I seriously bring all of these blue beauties home? I love, love, love these colors. I am in the deep sea :)

We all adored this collection. These treasures were found by a dog named Tyler Foote. The collection is called Tyler Foote Finds: A Compendium of my Ignorance. Again, we pondered about dogs and art. And admired the collection with each find labeled. So cool!

And knitted sculpture hanging from manzanita branches. Another fun way to observe, question, and admire.

I didn't get to catch all of the fun. I missed the bathtub adventures (yes, a real bathtub in the parking lot) and some other lovely installations. Which means you need to go visit for yourself. I can't promise that the water art will be active. Check the Facebook page for updates.

Yay art!

The DANK Inaugural Showcases Nevada County Contemporary Art Artists’ Reception:Friday, August 1 5 – 9 p.m. 300 Spring Street 
Nevada City, CA 95959 For gallery hours please visit Facebook.com/dankmovement

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