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Photographs and your Story

Photographs and your Story

These days, everyone likes to see a story. Reading epic stories is one thing, but visual spaces and faces and products makes so much impact. We invest in a story. And most of the people that we photograph have compelling stories that help reach a community that appreciates all of the heart and passion happening behind the scenes.

Quality Images by Lenkaland Photography

We create libraries of images that can be used all over on social media as illustrations for any story that you want to tell. From celebrations to holidays, you can share moments with photographs. And here is where the quality counts. Once upon a time, you could depend on phone photos (and you still can on occasion, but it’s tricky for hero images). Or comb through Instagram for images that fit your needs. Nowadays, you may struggle to get the focus you want, especially indoors or at evening events. Your photographs may be super-yellow. And if you use a random image that you find online, then save it with a screenshot, you could contend with copyright claims or upset people who may not want their image appearing on your business account.

So you hire a photographer (like us) and now you have a selection of lovely images. Where can you use them?

Social Media Feeds

Your social media feeds. You can use the same image on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. Share a little story along with the image that speaks to your brand story. You can share for your own milestones, your business milestones, and your community milestones. I took these images for the owners of the Inn Town Campground to share for their anniversary.

Inn Town Campground and Lenkaland Photography

One of these photos could also be appropriate to share how the campground has native dogwoods blooming right now. Photographs from the same session could appear in a few months later with “Meet the Inn Town Campground Owners” and a little about their story and what inspired building a campground. And then another photo from the same session can become “Nevada County Hiking Dates” with how they love to hike together- then pointing to a resource (like the InnSide Nevada City blog) with maps of local trails. A few quality photos can go a loooong way towards sharing your stories on social media.

Organic Shares

Lenkaland Photography and Inn Town Campground on the Airstream Instagram Feed

What is an organic share? An organic share is when an account places your image, with credit, on their feed. This helps you reach new audiences and connect with community and potential clients. When you post an image, tag brands that appear in the photo, and that may benefit your brand. Those brands may feature you on their own social media (everyone is looking for quality content). For example, if you are a business like the Inn Town Campground, and you tag @Airstream_Inc in your photo, you may find Airstream chooses your photo to feature on their feed. Now, people who enjoy camping are probably following Airstream, and they may wonder where that epic image is located, which leads to them discovering, you guessed it, the Inn Town Campground (true story). There are no guarantees with this strategy, but it’s fun when it happens. And then you can screenshot your image on their feed to celebrate with your community.

It’s all about showing that you are a quality brand and/or business that reflects the values of your community. In this day and age, you don’t want to compete on price. I am not the cheapest photographer in town. I don’t want to be the cheapest. I want to build a sustainable vision that supports success for all of us. And that means that I need to pay bills, learn new skills with workshops and education, and maintain my equipment. I value my quest for quality. And I work with brands and businesses that likewise value those ideals. A rising tide, as they say, lifts all boats.

Events and Announcements

Bounty of the County Event Banner by Lenkaland Photography

When you create an event or Page on Facebook, a quality banner image is seen by every single person who says they are interested or attending the event, and then shared to their friends’ feeds. One quality image can be seen hundreds of times. Likewise, if you have a lesser quality photo, that will also be seen hundreds of times, leaving impressions on everyone who sees the event on their feed.

Media, Articles, and Advertising

When you send a Press Release and/or media announcement to your local paper or weekly events, they enjoy featuring news that comes with quality images. Our photographs have been featured on magazine covers. Additional photos then appear alongside the article. When you send a Press Release, and you can provide photographs, you are an asset to that publication. This applies to blogs, too. If you know of a blog which reaches an audience that would appreciate your brand or business. Having quality photos makes a huge difference when they decide whether to feature your story. Quality photographs are assets to your story.

Inn Town Campground Vintage Camper | Lenkaland Photography

Profile Pics and Banners

Have you noticed that every time you change a profile photo or banner header, social media announces your change on your feed? Your profile image and header are first impressions to many people online. And quality images share your core values beautifully. We also know how to make collages (such as the ones featured on this blog post) for headers and Pinterest as ala carte options. We make video headers as well, which is a dynamic way to feature more of your favorite images with movement and licensed music.

Your online story is best shown with images that speak to your values. You want to share photographs that inspire your community and elevate your brand. If you struggle to create a cohesive set of photos for your social media posts, connect with us. We love helping business and brands reach to the next level of success. We’re all moving forward together :)

Let’s share stories :)

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