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Wow, that was not the day that I expected.  First of all, my hand is in better shape today, hurrah.  Not great, but not so demanding.  I give it a week to get back on track. No, today just took on a crazy life of its own.  I helped another class with art this morning.  Didn't seem like a big deal at the time.  Then took Ian to the park to play with his friends.  Then to his gymnastics where he was super-sensitive so I had to keep going downstairs to console him (parents watch the floor from a loft-area).  Then home for quick lunch, then to pick up Anika and grab stuff from class for tomorrow.  I am trying not to get in scramble-mode where I don't know what we're doing until I walk through the door.  I want to be prepared :)

Then to Anika's gymnastics, later than I hoped, then hitting massive traffic as another school let out along the way.  Then I get there and the parking is full.  The accessible spot (disabled spot) is blocked because it's in a corner.  And talking to them about that hits a nerve, where I back-pedal saying it's not a big deal, really.  Even though today it was a kinda-big deal.  So I drop Anika off in front of the doors, then circle around the building twice waiting for something to open up.  I finally give up and park halfway around it (a big building).  Get upstairs and Ian says, "I wet."  He's figuring out the bathroom.  So back to the car where I don't have an extra outfit so we stay there for the next ten minutes.

Oh, and it's hot by now.  I don't handle heat so well anymore.  It unravels me.

Then I remember, Bunny Meeting.  Today is bunny meeting.

That I didn't schedule into my energy-allotment for the day.  So home for quick dinner and back out to bunny meeting and home around 8pm.  Phew!

And the strange thing was that it wasn't so awful.  I felt pretty good today.  Alert and capable.  To the point where I was trying to figure out, what did I do right?  I took some extra anti-inflamatory medicine to help with my hand.  Maybe that took the edge of the pain, which made me less tired.  Pain is tiring.  I don't know.  I had good energy-luck, maybe.

The real question is how will I feel tomorrow?

That I won't know until I get there.  :)  I need to be disciplined about my tech curfew.  For my hand and also so I get the downtime before tomorrow.  Teaching day :)

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