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A brief note since Josie and I have been chatting the night away :).  She's visiting with Theo and we're all going to Tahoe tomorrow for Fiona's birthday.  Hurray!  So I must sleep.  I did more than I planned today, but did sit with Ian while he napped.  I was so grateful to not have side effects.  The fatigue was a relief :) compared to last night.  Ha, maybe that's the medicine's great secret- appreciate the real. We went to the holiday party for Gio's work which was fun.  Grandma watched the kiddos.  Anika had a playdate with a friend so Ian and I spent the afternoon rearranging and cleaning her room (their room:)) before his long nap.  A busy day with windows of calm.  And now the play begins.  After a good night's sleep :)

Sweet dreams!

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