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In Search of Sleep . . .

Phew.  Ian did not sleep well.  He roused every two hours with the worst restlessness between 1-2am.  I'd just fallen deep asleep when he started kicking. He is a lucky baby and gets to cosleeep.  Usually we're a happy pile, especially lately. I was surprised when his wails only grew louder instead of settling down.  I got him water and it took him forty minutes to relax.  By then I was wide awake and it took me another twenty minutes to crash out.  Alarm pealing at 6am so . . . four hours of sleep?

No wonder I'm crumbling today.  I pulled it together for school and two meetings long into the afternoon/evening.  Stepped into the house at 5pm and hit. the. wall.  Medication today did fine until I crashed this evening.  The flu-like symptoms/side effects returned.  Ugh.

The shine of the day really is my students and school.  I have such a wonderful class.  We started reading groups and the students announce, I can read! Makes my heart glad.  And in the meetings I felt the commitment and investment of so many people into the well being of every students at our school.  What an amazing place.

Tomorrow will be payback, I know.  But I'm excited for a fun weekend.  So I must keep the to do list short tomorrow morning.  Only laundry, packing, cleaning bathroom, and Anika's room.  Only :)


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