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The Best of Times

This weekend we traveled up to Tahoe to celebrate Fiona's sixth birthday.  Our big crowd of family (Susie, Dave, Nicole, Dan, Fiona, Gavin, Heather, Paul, Mila, Josie, Theo, Margaret, Milan, Janet, her husband) and us.  Quite a crowd.  And yet we all had a great time.  Beverages in snowbanks, kids running off with sleds, roasted vegetables and barbeque chicken.  Doesn't get any better.  Favorite quotes? "Mom, wake up," Fiona said at 7am.  "We're missing the party."

Oh, it's okay.  Gavin's just going for the knife drawer.

Ow . . . from Ian about everything, except for an occasional, Hi.

Sledding is slippery, and fast!  -Mila

I want to snowboard again, right now.  -Anika talking about sledding on the way home.

Anyone remember more?

One of Those Days