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Scene at Home

Toys caught my eye today.  So I walked around the house.  Caught scenes that the kiddos may have made on purpose or by accident.

I thought about how the scenes may look in a year.  Five years.  Ten years.  A home is ever-changing.

Here is today.

Ian played with trains. He actually set up a few tracks without destroying them. He brought me a train in the hopes I could play with him.

Anika's hedgehog and guinea pig collection along with the bat she made at school last October.

Anika's dresser with her name, the wooden snake she painted at Fiona's party, the puppy she painted in San Diego, and the kitties we sewed last summer.

Ian was playing with the littlest pet shop scene and abandoned it on the kitchen table alongside the glitteryskull bouncy ball and basket of mismatched pens.

A horse collection

And this one . . . I'll have to ask Anika the story about this one. :)

A fun treasure walk around the house. Now I'm curious. What will they create for me tomorrow?

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