Welcome! Lenkaland shares my adventures in creative photography, raising two kids, writing, living with chronic illness, raising a daughter with dyslexia, and swimming with mermaids. Hope you have a nice stay!

48.4° Feeling big-tired.  A busy busy week without time to recharge after the fun of the weekend.  Hopefully tomorrow Ian will feel nice and mellow :).  We're taking it easy this weekend.  Rain may come which will dash my hopes of pruning roses, but that would be better for me health-wise.

I'm forming a vision while all this fatigue presses on me.  I see a huge chance to change stereotypes, support families, and raise awareness.  What if we could change the image of disability as a sad, lonely place?  What if we could see challenges as opportunities?

We can feature travel tips, product reviews, and lifestyle ideas.  We can work together to make the world a fun, inclusive adventure. Sounds like fun :)

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