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Daffodil Blooming! Time to Play Outside

Look what bloomed in our front garden!  A little early, I would say, but the drenching sunshine today said otherwise.  We went to the park on the way home from school.  Ian scampered up the stairs to slide on his belly (feet-first) down the super-tall twisty slide.  He loved the swings, too.  Anika ran with him, holding him on her lap down the slide.  She's an amazing sister.

Yesterday we played in the yard.  Threw the ball for Bear.  Ian climbed on the bike.  The trees have bare branches but spring is gentle in the sunshine.

Between outside fun, we watch the Olympics.  Ian fetched Giovanni today to play ball.  "Ball," he said clearly.  "Ball."  New fun games.

Oh, an I discovered Light Room, a photo-editing program.  Wow.  I'll have my review soon.  For now, let the pictures do the talking :)

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