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Memorable Ordinary Evening

Another ordinary day.  School and coming home.  Anika had a hundreds-day project for tomorrow. I tried giving her ideas.  We could take a hundred digital pictures, build something with 100 objects . . .

I know, I know, Anika said.  Cheerios.  I can glue 100 Cheerios.

So she glued Cheerios.  We planned groups of ten but she changed her mind and made groups of 20.

Ian learned to kiss today.  He leaned in and planted kisses on Anika and me.  Then he smiled huge and became zombie-baby again with wide open mouth attacks.

We watch a lot of Olympics.  Half pipe today.  Wow. We wondered where those snowboarders find the low-slung pants.  We need more of those around here. :)

Then the women's downhill.  Fun stuff.

I hope that rain holds off tomorrow.  I do have pictures on the camera to try and post.  Anika taught Ian the fun of sitting on a ball and bouncing until you fall over.  The fun things that sisters teach!

Mission Statement

Living with CMT Day 31