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Little Adventures in our Little Town

Little Adventures in our Little Town

This weekend we decided to go explore our own town. We were reminded that great, beautiful places are right outside. We are so, so lucky to live here.

Giovanni and I have been loving photography again lately. Giovanni loves the natural landscapes and weather-swept skies. I love turning the lens towards our kids and noticing things while I walk slow or wait for them to explore (we often have me sit while they go on mini-adventures). Gets me to Look, then Look Again while waiting :)

The kids were not thrilled with the idea at first. We found older cameras for them and turned it into a family-photography adventure. They weren't quite sure what we were going to "do."

Getting them involved was fun!

Only a few steps from Nevada City, we found pretty little rapids. Deer Creek had quite a bit of water. I've always wanted to figure out how to make water "flow" in photos. I love that soft, gentle movement. It's tricky, though...

We went under the freeway overpass, which fascinated Ian. "Cars. Right above us."

Yet nature. All around us.

The kids were fascinated by the cement and graffiti. I know, small town.

They found new places by the water (too steep for me). So I sat and played with my camera settings.

I figured it out! Hurrah! This will be easier with a tripod (Giovanni had ours down by the shore). I balanced the camera on my knees. Yay! I've wanted to learn this for years. Always a new adventure :)

Ian is choosing his own clothes these days. And he's always in motion. He was scampering over rocks like a real Spiderman. Back and forth running down the path and climbing down to Dada and back to me...

Giovanni at the shore. He took breaktaking images. He gets amazing photos with his iPhone. Click here for his magical water photo.

Ian down by the shore.

We returned to the car to explore Nevada City streets. This is a special autumn, with the leaves ablaze and the sky azure blue. Feels lovely :)

We stopped by the Outside Inn just out of town. What a beautiful spot! I met Erin, one of the owners, in real life. We joked about knowing so much about people online. I love her photos and her blog. Great fun to see her in person!

She had shared that they have treasure hunts at the Inn. She had a photo-adventure for the kids where they got to wander and look for fairy doors and carved rocks. Such a fun, cool idea!

And the Inn is beautiful!

Fall at my feet :)

I just wanted to sit and kindle a fire and enjoy the scenery :)

You might be able to spy a little fairy door at the base of the tree above :)

Inspired us to create little surprises in our own garden!

This autumn is all about the trees, the trees, the trees...

Thanks for letting us explore, Erin!

Strolling back to the car, I was inspired by the trees framing Nevada City Victorian homes.

So gorgeous! Needless to say, we are inspired to go on more adventures. Discover more hidden treasures in our little town (towns- Grass Valley has so many lovely places, too!)

I am grateful each time I feel strong enough, and awake enough to enjoy these outings. I look forward to next weekend's adventure :)

The entire gallery is here:

Wishing you a lovely autumn day :)

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