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While Waiting...

This life. Motion and noise. With moments of grand stillness. When the sunshine finds exquisite green in the river-water. And the rocks embrace the shores with sloping lines. And I find that time to sit a moment. Look. Wonder. Breathe.

I seek those moments. I get swept up in the hectic everyday movements, the chores and emails and status updates...

Slowing down is a conscious effort.

And one thing about my path is that it forces me to slow down. In moments both large and small. I sit and I watch. I see.

I find inspiration in these limitations. My husband and kids go explore while I sit on a bench or rock. Sometimes, I plot my way to the shore with determination and defiance. "Perhaps if I step just there, then skirt around that loose slope..."

Other times I look.

Then look again.

I notice light. I notice shadows. I notice the curve of trees leaning towards one another to whisper of wind and dancing... I notice the world far away. And the world at my feet.

It's not always easy. But it is who I am. I can find beauty in the limits. I can be in one place, yet infinite.

And I appreciate even the waiting :)

On Different Days

On Different Days

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Little Adventures in our Little Town