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First Snow on the Last Day of Summer

First Snow on the Last Day of Summer

Yesterday was a good day for an adventure. Summer ended with a record-setting storm on Saturday. The mountains were dusted with very early snow. So we took a short car ride to visit the snow. We drove quiet highways were the snow melted fast under a lovely blue sky. We stopped here and there to admire the views and taste the snow :)

Anika tasted snow, anyway. Snow is a treat :)

We found massive granite to explore. We appreciated the view of Donner Lake in the distance.

The snowline is easy to see on this image, capping the granite with gentle white powder.

I fell in love with this stubby, stubborn little tree. It grew on an open rock-face between two giant boulders. It was crooked already from snow and wind. But those bright green needles worshipped the sun all the same. What a determined, beautiful little tree!

It was a big challenge to photograph, because the sun was already high above casting strong shadows. When I got low down, the sun flared up behind the little tree. And I couldn't climb well enough to get around the big boulders. So I did my best :)

Little patches of snow melted quickly in that bright sunshine.

The kids loved rock-climbing. It looks steep from here, but climbing over there was mellow. Ian wanted to spend all day among the rocks. We will have to go back soon!

I learn, constantly, how to reshape my life. I can lament the closing doors (trails I once hiked, places I once enjoyed that are now too-far or too-difficult). Or I can discover new ways to adventure. This one was just my style. Off the road, yet still majestic. Perhaps I will see change as an invitation. Discover new vistas :)

Sounds like a plan :)

Wishing you a fun invitation today :)

Little Adventures in our Little Town

Little Adventures in our Little Town