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Lake Tahoe Visit

This weekend we escaped for an overnight get-away, visiting cousins who live by this lake.  The lake was a challenge to photograph because the sun was so-very bright.  A cold wind whipped up off the water, but you couldn't tell by the flashing blue.  Not a glimspe of snow in any direction, which is unusual for this time of year.  The ski resorts are not pleased.

But the kids were plenty pleased on the playground.  Ian was glad to be done with the long, long car ride (really only an hour).  We're inspired to visit more often.  My cousins better watch out :)

Ian's new delight is cars.  He loves his cars.  He picks them based on a very important feature.

Orange.  They must have orange.  The white truck came in the same set.  I think he gave it to his cousin :)

We walked out on the dock, bundled against the icy wind which felt odd next to the sun drenched sky and sparkling water.  We didn't stay long because the wind drove us away.  And the kids wanted toys.  Adventures to be found at our cousin's house.  The weekend was off to a bright start.

Even Quiet Days

Week 2 Photos