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Week 2 Photos

We may be traveling tomorrow (hopefully) to visit cousins in Tahoe. So . . . This week's photos. This week was tough because I was sick. Stay at home, camera sounds like work, tired, sick. Then remembering at bathtime...

Which was cute, too.


The next night I remembered after dark, again. Once I lose daylight, photos get really tricky. I like natural light. But this running, giggling craziness was good to capture, too. Ian was very amused by a box on the head. As well he should be. He is amusing :)


Then today, cousins sent us stickers.


I have a couple from the other days, but they are unremarkable on their own. It shows me how days slip past, one after another, often quiet in their passing. Which is just fine. I appreciate quiet. Drama is fine every now and again, but quiet . . . Quiet is good too.


I hope your week was lovely :)

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