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Even Quiet Days

Even quiet days are not so quiet. We started with tents. I brought my camera in from the cold garage and the lense fogged in our warm house. The dreamy quality works for me. I love the interaction between Anika and Ian. She is such a sweet sister. Then we made layered popsicles. Took serious patience to let each color freeze.


So we did Spin Art.


And baked cookies. Sort of. I love these simple cookies. Even better when they make it into the oven :)


I know, we shouldn't eat raw dough, but we have to be a little wild sometimes. And they didn't have much.

Then it was a rousing game of Star Wars Trouble.


And showing off the drawings that sister did earlier in the day.


Then, those popsicles. They must be done by now! In truth, Ian had to refereeze his twice because they kept 'testing' readiness and pulling the stick out before it set. But the wait paid off with every lick.




A busy day. Our quiet day :)

Wishing you a lovely day :)

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