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Keep Climbing

Keep on climbing, because the view gets beautiful after all of the hard work. Today we got an awesome package in the mail. Our book! Sort of :). Actually, our book in the publisher's catalogs. Glossy photos and lush colors- so pretty! The actual book comes in late May.

It may be hard to believe, but I get anxious about my creativity in public. I am super-sensitive about criticism and potentially unfavorable opinions. I understand while Emily Dickinson hid her poems in cookie jars.

This book feel different. I am so excited to share it with everyone. I have so much fun making these crafts with children and I can't wait for the ideas to inspire others :). Good stuff. 20130306-213042.jpgI scrambled tonight to make a boy fairy to match a girl in my collection that I am donating to our school's fundraiser on Saturday. Not the little guy shown above. I don't have his photo because the glue is still drying. Nothing like last-minute crafting. I was trying to downscale my activities, but I got the catalogs today and I just have to share with our school community. It's fun for all of us. I keep thinking of our former students and how they will say- I made that with my teachers! :)

At the same time as all the good views, I found rough paths this week, too. I met with a different physical therapist on Monday who doesn't know me as well. I love my regular PT, but this one thought she knew a way to get more stretch from my tight calf muscles. She is strong. Stronger than my poor muscles. And I felt how much those muscles work for me. They were sensitive from the beginning. I thought stretching would be good. Too good, maybe. Since then my calf muscles have been sore, sore, sore. They hurt to the touch. I have been trying to rest (again) but it's difficult.

I went back today with my usual PT. They are all very nice and I don't blame anyone. I am just delicate. Hopefully I will be feeling better in the next few days. I wonder if I should use my crutches at school tomorrow. Ugh. Not where I wanted to be this week.

We don't get to choose our mountains :). We just choose how we climb them.

I will keep smiling. Enjoying the journey. And resting for tomorrow.

Wishing you lovely views today :)

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Our Life, Our Stories

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