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Inn Town Campground Photowalk

Inn Town Campground Photowalk

Lovely time exploring the Inn Town Campground with a Nevada City Scenics photowalk recently. A damp spring day made for lush colors in the forest. And the (privately owned) vintage camper set up was divine. It's such a treat that we have this treasure of a campground so close to town. Exploring familiar places is one of our favorite things for sure. What adventures do you have planned for summer (if it ever gets warm and sunny haha)?

I love getting out in nature with my kids. It can be tricky to have enough energy to camp and enjoy the scenery these days. So hybrid adventures, like glamping, is an appealing option. It’s valuable to have a range of adventures available. Summer always goes too quickly!

But it’s a wonder to be on this side of summer, considering all the places to go and adventures to enjoy. The cool storms of spring means that I can hardly believe that it’s June already. It’s going to be startling when the weather catches up to the calendar :)

The railroad tracks are left over from years ago. They are now part of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge and Transportation Museum. A slow moving railbus uses them on Saturdays for tours. You can learn more about the tracks at the museum. They’re not functioning railroad tracks in a traditional sense. We would never photograph on real railroad tracks.

Overcast skies spattered with rain midway, but luckily stopped before becoming a downpour. It gave the forest deep tones and the mosses vibrant greens.

PhotoWalk at the Inn Town Campground with Nevada City Scenics |

The photowalks are a wonderful chance to meet with the photographer community and explore our incredible towns together. Follow Nevada County Scenics on Facebook for information about joining an adventure. We love going to create images for the joy of exploring with cameras. We’d love to meet you- introduce yourself when you see us :) Let’s adventure.

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