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Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations to all the graduates celebrating milestones. To all the breaks between chapters, to the epic quests and the long stories and next adventures. We are so proud of you!

Meeting with graduates inspires us because we enjoy hearing stories of past challenges alongside ideas for the future. Nowadays, senior portraits are not limited to Professional Studios, but graduates still enjoy the attention. And, realistically, it’s one time that’s a perfect time to asses the moment and recognize the journey. One of the only photos of me in my own youth hangs in our hallway. My senior portrait :)

So I value the chance to document the journey. When we take portraits, we spend about fifteen minutes with a traditional expression (we say it’s for grandparents). Then we chat about the future. And chat about favorite things. We try different angles.

Lenkaland Photography Senior Portraits at the Empire Mine

This time, I brought a string of fairy lights to create abstract texture for portraits. We show how, even as stories change, your north star remains the same. You can always keep adventuring. We have fun.

This graduate plans to go into teaching. We see a bright future for her. Congratulations on your graduation!

Our favorite place to photograph is the Empire Mine in Grass Valley. This year we worked hard to get permitted so we can officially explore the gardens with a camera. Part of being a professional photographer is the craft of applying skills and seeing light. And another part is figuring out the business side to create memorable collections that share stories.

Enjoy every chapter of your adventure :)

Inn Town Campground Photowalk

Inn Town Campground Photowalk