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Hurrah for Zombies

Today I made two batches of marshmallow-rice-krispie treats for Anika's Lorax play tomorrow, figured out how to spray-paint gravel gold for leprechaun treasure, and discovered my short story was on the Spine-Tingling-Horror bestseller list :).  I love saying that.  It was #97 and it's already fallen off of the list, but it was fun while it lasted. I got an email notice about a $2 payment from Amazon in the UK.  Two bucks, score!  Hmm, I thought, Wonder if anyone is buying the story in the US?

And they are!  A $27 royalty for January, and more this month.  Which is awesome.  Espeically since the story is .99 so I get a whopping .35 for each sale.  People like zombie stories :)

So I'm really trying to get Dirt finished.  He has a zombie caretaker of the castle.

Except Ian thinks bedtime is overrated so he's standing right here.  I'm on borrowed time.

So quick before I forget, the blood tests came back fine.  Hurrah.

Though the new puzzle is that we may lose health insurance next month.  My husband is getting laid off in two weeks unless some miracle happens.

Believe, believe in miracles.

oh, and the story at Amazon is A Cold Dark School with Zombies at the Gate.

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