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Family Weekend

My Dad had his birthday when they were on their Hawaii vacation.  They arrived home on Friday and we got toether with my niece and sister-in-law at the Grandparent’s house to celebrate.  The girls love their Hawaiian seashell necklaces.

Then I love taking photos when the kids forget that I'm around :).  Catch those quiet expressions . . .

Until the posed photo

Deda and the grandkids.  The Czech word for grandfather is Deda, and he loves his role.  He has two more grandkids (my brother’s family down south) that we’ll have to get in a photo when we have a big family gathering again.  For now, it’s one of the first pictures where Ian and Mila are aware of their job in the picture, saying cheese and sitting still.  Quite the grown-up-kids :)

Mom baked a volcano cake with fruit lava which the kids loved.  A fun day :)

Hurrah for Zombies

The Free Easy Box