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Rare Swanee Swan Sighting

Yesterday, Anika was a Swanee Swan in her class play, The Lorax.

Her good friend Eva was the other Swanee Swan.

She sang and 'flew' around the stage.  The whole night was magic for her.

The Lorax was staged in an old former-church that is now rented out for performances.  This great door was near the backstage area.  Needless to say, the building needs big repairs.  A beautiful sort of crumbling, though, as the layers peel away.

She loves being on stage.  Uh oh :).  I see that thrill in her eyes . . .

Happy and excited and enchanted by theater!  I love how her school (my school) makes the plays a fun event for the kids.  No stress, no crazy expectations, just go onstage, do your best, and shine.

And shine she did!  Her voice was clear, singing voice lovely, and my heart swelled up watching her.  Proud mama :)

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