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Happy New Year

I am determined.  A few sentences a day, at least.  To capture 2010.  Because ask me about 2006.  Go ahead.  Or ask about 2002.  I could not give you one concrete event from those years.  I'd figure some out, after thinking about vacations, big moments like, oh, yes, pregnant with Anika.  But the little moments?  Lost in the rivers of day to day. Today.  Happy New Year.  Such a fun celebration last night.  Amy, Jasper, Beth, Nora, Tom, Sonja, Monika, Josh, Bob, Sean, Ineke and baby Lucas, Mom and Dad.  All at Paul, Heather and Mila's to storm around the house in a clatter of noisemaking and shouting to send the old year out the back door and parade in the front door at midnight.  Ian slept through it all.  Anika stayed awake until midnight.

Anika is waiting patiently for me to read from Pippi Longstocking.

Quickly.  Today we gathered for oliebollen (thanks Mom!) and Rock Band.  Anika and I sang Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and I felt that uncommon peace where are the puzzle pieces are exactly in place.  Everything is as it should be.  Welcome to the new year!

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